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Federal Clients

In 2022, the team partnered with Saicon to streamline its software and innovation teams by implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) at Union Pacific. This initiative aimed to streamline project management processes, improve product quality, and boost employee engagement, leveraging Al Donte Consulting's expertise in agile transformations to drive continuous improvement and faster value delivery to stakeholders.

2020-2021: Served as a military subcontractor for the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet system, employing an Agile approach to incrementally upgrade applications. Recognized with the Perspecta Kudos Award for exceptional soft-skills engagement. Led coaching efforts within business units to cultivate a culture of transparency, continuous learning, innovation, quality, and efficiency. Actively communicated with stakeholders regarding regional infrastructure updates and educated them on overcoming obstacles while ensuring value delivery within a two-week cycle. Provided weekly reports on Agile team progress to senior management, detailing achievements, potential risks, improvement areas, and proposed solutions. Supported organizational leaders across all levels in grasping the advantages of the scaled Agile framework and conducted thorough research on application issues to identify and implement necessary fixes.

2008-2009: In the capacity of Agile Coach, we supported the ADA-compliant mass transit tracking system team, focusing on recruitment and mentorship of Scrum Masters. Delivered comprehensive reports including business plan models, velocity reports, burn-up charts, and system defect analyses to both team members and C-Level executives, supporting ADA compliance and federal grant funding efforts. Additionally, we facilitated cross-departmental data integration to evaluate and optimize project budgets, staffing, and logistical enhancements.

1994-2008. Our cross-functional Agile team successfully delivered a rapidly deployable, covert refinery system that could produce petroleum products in remote areas. We used an iterative Agile approach, building a minimum viable product (MVP) that we field tested and enhanced based on user feedback. The key initiatives included forecasting capacity needs based on analysis of prior deployment data, designing a modular system for easy transport and quick setup/disassembly at the field location, implementing stealth technologies to avoid visual, noise and emissions detection, enabling autonomous operation with remote monitoring capabilities, and ensuring all safety and compliance requirements were met. As the quartermaster on the team, my logistics experience was invaluable for the transportability and operational readiness aspects. I focused on ensuring the refinery could break down into easily transportable modules with clear instructions for loading/unloading on various vehicles and terrain. I also provided input on minimizing signatures like noise and emissions to facilitate covert operations without enemy detection.

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