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Commercial Clients

Since 2021, the team coached R1 RCM's technology branch in agile practices to improve financial care delivery and reimbursement solutions, to involve navigating and optimizing revenue from Medicare and Medicaid patients. R1 is an American company that specializes in revenue cycle management (RCM) for hospitals, health systems, and physician groups across the United States. The company offers technology-driven solutions aimed at transforming the patient experience and financial performance of healthcare providers.

Working since 2022, the team successfully established two Agile Release Trains (ARTs) comprising eight Agile teams and over 100 members, fully integrating these ARTs with the broader enterprise Solution Train to optimize SAFe implementation. Spearheaded the development of comprehensive project documentation, including plans, reports, metrics, and dashboards, to ensure transparency and accountability. Provided executive coaching on the Agile mindset, leading PI Planning events and Scrum of Scrums to foster cross-team collaboration. Additionally, conducted training on Agile fundamentals for team members, driving maturity, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and enhancing overall project delivery efficiency.

In 2022, our team played a pivotal role as Agile Coaches for 12 teams across the Technology Risk and Workforce Strategy organizations, facilitating a collective Agile transformation and the adoption of innovative working methodologies. Together, we developed and led training sessions on Agile principles, story writing, estimation, product, and portfolio management. We also steered the teams towards the adoption of Kanban, Scrum, and ScrumBan frameworks, utilizing Agile tools such as Jira to optimize project management processes. By defining and tracking key performance metrics, we aligned team efforts, monitored progress, and showcased value delivery effectively, underscoring the power of teamwork in achieving organizational goals.

2021: We established an Agile Center of Excellence, coaching over 130 Agile teams throughout the enterprise to embrace Agile methodologies. We provided executive leadership with strategic counsel on Agile transformation, ensuring teams were well-equipped with new, efficient ways of working. Our team crafted and delivered bespoke training programs focused on Agile principles, product ownership, and key performance metrics. We also launched an enterprise-wide metrics dashboard to enhance visibility into team health and performance, facilitating a data-driven approach to Agile practice. Furthermore, mentoring junior Agile coaches and fostering the widespread adoption of SAFe values, principles, and practices were integral parts of our strategy, emphasizing our commitment to nurturing an Agile mindset across the organization.

2021: At the Agile Center of Excellence, our transformation team successfully transitioned around 650 development teams from Waterfall to Agile methodologies through a collaborative effort to improve team cohesion via engaging ceremonies, continuous improvement methods, and interactive teaching techniques like using Tetris to illustrate Agile principles. We planned and executed sprint work with predictable cadences, coached 75 new Scrum teams, developed Scrum teams adopting frameworks like LeSS across multiple business units, aligned OKRs with strategic themes, advised executives on fostering an Agile mindset culture, applied appropriate Agile frameworks to accommodate dynamic requirements, coached Scrum Masters and certified 100 Product Owners, led team maturity engagements improving fundamentals and backlog management, established trust as Servant Leaders, conducted health assessments, implemented metrics in Jira Align, developed an operating model for enterprise-wide Agile transformation standing up synchronized teams, and provided coaching on backlog management, prioritization, and continuous improvement utilizing feedback and metrics.

2020: Our collaborative venture significantly accelerated large-scale Agile transformations, coaching executive leadership towards a Lean-Agile mindset. We established an Agile Center of Excellence (COE), ensuring uniformity in Agile practices across various business lines. Our development of an Agile operating model, coupled with coaching on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)/Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and guidance on Value Stream identification, laid the groundwork for strategic goal setting and value delivery. We also dedicated ourselves to mentoring Agile coaches and Scrum Masters, enhancing team-level execution and efficiency. Our role as thought leaders provided senior executives with insights that supported organizational restructuring efforts, embodying our commitment to fostering an adaptive, Agile organizational culture.

2019: Spearheaded an enterprise-wide SAFe transformation, ensuring a unified adoption of Scrum, Kanban, and XP practices across Agile teams. We provided in-depth coaching to senior leaders on Lean Portfolio Management, Agile planning, and effective team formation, fostering a strategic mindset shift. By facilitating Value Stream Mapping workshops and Lean UX design sprints, we significantly optimized organizational processes and efficiency. Our guidance extended to the proficient use of Agile project management tools like Jira and Confluence, enhancing team productivity and project visibility. In partnership with Product Management, we successfully aligned roadmaps and refined backlogs, ensuring strategic coherence and streamlined execution across the enterprise.

2010-2019. As the Enterprise Agile Coach for a portfolio of clients in FinTech and Banking during mergers and acquisitions, our team advised on Agile operating models and governance, designed strategies for Agile transformations, and led their global implementation. We conducted workshops for executives on OKRs, Value Stream Mapping, and SAFe implementation, while also building high-performing Agile teams to fast-track product design and development. Additionally, we established a Data Science practice to leverage Agile metrics for strategic investment decisions.

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