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2024: Serving on the Board of Directors as the Director of Agile Practices, the local chapter supports the military in its quest for higher education. We are currently delivering delivering lectures and workshops for the PMI Heartland Chapter will directly benefit local municipalities by enhancing the project management capabilities of their teams. This initiative will equip municipal employees with the latest best practices in project management, fostering a culture of efficiency and strategic planning. Through these educational sessions, participants will gain valuable insights into effective resource allocation, stakeholder engagement, and risk management, ultimately contributing to more successful municipal projects and improved public services.

2021-2022. Led an Agile transformation at the State of Kansas, Department of Commerce, enhancing software for government hiring assistance and unemployment compensation. By introducing Agile methodologies, we revitalized key services, improving job service efficiency and streamlining credit processes. This shift fostered a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability, significantly boosting operational efficiency and enriching service delivery to citizens. In particular, we created and implemented agile onboarding curricula for the leadership structure, transitioned organization from a project management practice to an array of Agile frameworks, focusing on product management, scrum master integration, and team coaching, and scaled it successfully to 10 agile teams. We also founded a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence for the organization to ensure best practices would continue to be pursued.

2017: We leveraged Agile frameworks, supplemented by Kaizen, Six Sigma, and ISO 9000 methodologies, to enhance and streamline operational processes. Our collective efforts led to the development and dissemination of the operational calendar, essential for the program's iterative execution. We were instrumental in auditing and refining a $2.5 million purchasing program, crafting comprehensive technical policy, and administrative guidelines. This initiative not only ensured adherence to state and university standards but also promoted a culture of ongoing improvement, underscoring the value of teamwork in achieving institutional objectives.

2012-2016: Served as Scrum Master/Project Manager, applying Kanban and Lean methodologies to five critical, air-gapped projects: Inmate Evidence Procurement System, Department Records Transparency/Retention System, Inmate Property System, Inmate Emergency Preparedness System, and Inmate Discipline Record System. Also acted as Project Manager for the development and enforcement of regional operating procedures and policies, ensuring consistent daily operations and preparedness for contingencies.

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