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Leading SAFe
2 Days
This two-day course equips attendees with the knowledge to lead a Lean-Agile enterprise by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and its underlying principles from Lean, systems thinking, Agile development, product development flow, and DevOps. Participants gain insights into mastering Business Agility to thrive in competitive markets. They explore establishing team and technical agility, organizing around value flow, supporting PI Planning events, coordinating multiple Agile Release Trains (ARTs), adopting a customer-centric mindset with design thinking for agile product delivery, and implementing a Lean Portfolio Management function. The course prepares individuals for the SAFe Agilist (SA) certification exam.
SAFe for Teams
2 Days
Build the skills needed to become a high-performing team member of an Agile Release Train (ART)—and learn how to collaborate effectively with other teams—by becoming a SAFe® 6 Practitioner (SP).

During this two-day course, gain an in-depth understanding of the ART, how it delivers value, and what you can do to effectively perform your role using Scrum, Kanban, and XP. Learn how to write stories and break down features, plan and execute iterations, and plan Program Increments. Finally, learn about the continuous delivery pipeline and DevOps culture, how to effectively integrate with other teams in the program, and what it takes to continuously improve the train.

SAFe for Government
2 Days
This two-day course teaches how to effectively apply Lean-Agile practices and principles in government agencies and organizations. It covers tailoring the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to government contexts while complying with specific requirements around governance, security, procurement, and deployment processes. Key topics include implementing SAFe in a government setting, mapping government roles to SAFe roles, aligning strategic themes through portfolio vision and roadmaps, managing government portfolios and programs, adapting SAFe for acquisitions and contractors, enabling continuous compliance, and deploying solutions securely.
SAFe Scrum Master
2 Days
In this two-day course, attendees gain an understanding of the role of a Scrum Master (SSM) in a SAFe® enterprise. Unlike traditional Scrum Master training that focuses on the fundamentals of team-level Scrum, the SAFe® Scrum Master course explores the role of the Scrum Master in the context of the entire enterprise, and prepares attendees to successfully plan and execute the Program Increment (PI), the primary enabler of alignment throughout all levels of a SAFe® organization.
Advanced Scrum Master
2 Days
Designed specifically for the Scrum Master role, this two-day program explores how Scrum Masters facilitate program execution and foster relentless improvement as part of an Agile Release Train. Attendees learn facilitation techniques for Agile team events like daily stand-ups, iteration planning, and system demos. The training covers coaching skills for eradicating anti-patterns, building high-performing teams, creating organizational agility, and becoming a Lean-thinking leader.
Release Train Engineer
4 Days
This four-day immersive certification prepares attendees to be an effective Release Train Engineer (RTE), the facilitating leader and coach of the Agile Release Train. The training covers the full range of RTE responsibilities including organizing and facilitating all ART events, aligning teams to shared program objectives, coaching teams and Scrum Masters, continuously improving the ART, and interfacing with stakeholders and management. Real-life practices for sustainable program execution are emphasized.

Product Owner
2 Days
Develop the skillsets needed to guide the delivery of value in a Lean enterprise by becoming a SAFe® 6 Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM). During this two-day course, attendees gain an in-depth understanding of how to effectively perform their role in the Agile Release Train (ART) as it delivers value through Program Increments. Attendees explore how to apply Lean thinking to decompose Epics into Features and Stories, refine Features and Stories, manage Program and Team backlogs, and to plan and execute Iterations and Program Increments. Attendees also discover how the Continuous Delivery Pipeline and DevOps culture contribute to the relentless improvement of the ART.
Agile Product Manager
2 Days
This two-day product management certification prepares attendees to work in the Agile environment by applying Lean-Agile principles to manage product portfolios and roadmaps. Key concepts include envisioning solutions that deliver value streams, collaborating across the enterprise, applying Design Thinking practices, managing program backlogs, participating in Continuous Exploration for product innovation, and coordinating with the Lean Portfolio Management function.
SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager
2 Days
Over the two-day course, participants learn to establish portfolio management functions using Lean-Agile principles. The training covers the key LPM roles/responsibilities like managing investment flow, facilitating Lean program portfolio functions, coordinating multiple Agile Release Trains, and implementing Lean governance. Strategic themes, participatory budgeting, financial/compliance risk management, and portfolio vision/roadmap planning are explored.
DevOps Practitioner
2 Days
This two-day course trains practitioners in the Lean-Agile DevOps skill set to accelerate and improve the continuous flow of value. Key concepts include forming teams with DevOps competencies, designing and implementing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline, building quality in, and coordinating on-demand release processes across multiple teams. Automation, rapid feedback loops, and incorporating security practices are explored.
SAFe Agile Software Engineer
2 Days
This two-day technical training is targeted at software engineers, developers and those implementing Agile engineering practices. Attendees learn behavior-driven development, test-first development, engaging in collective code ownership, automating regression testing, and continuous integration practices. Key principles like built-in quality, eliminating non-valued work, and Agile development stories are covered through real-world case studies.
SAFe for Architects
3 Days
This three-day comprehensive certification program trains architects on using SAFe principles to help organizations better develop and deploy quality systems in a Lean-Agile environment. Architects learn how to analyze and operationalize the significant shifts in modern architectural practices necessary to achieve business agility. Key topics include Agile architecture processes, incorporating Lean-Agile mindset into architecture, architecting for DevOps and Continuous Delivery, designing for modularity, and building evolutionary architectures.


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