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Our agile and scrum training courses provide comprehensive understanding of this methodology that has been adopted by government agencies and commercial enterprises alike to deliver values to end users in a timely fashion. Click the link below to see our course offerings.


Our Kanban training courses provide in-depth understanding of the Kanban agile process. In particular, they will explain what problems Kanban solves, how the work is captured, managed, and tracked, and how to get started with Kanban. Click the button below to see our course offerings.

Agile Scaled

Our systems development training courses are designed to teach modern, cutting-edge software engineering techniques and what management can do to best support an agile development process. Click the button below to see our course offerings.
Private Class

Schedule a private class based on the specific requirements, goals, and challenges of your organization. For example, we could combine elements from multiple training classes to support your organization’s custom agile processes. For more information about scheduling a private class, please email us.


With the goal of always delivering the most current and relevant content, please note that the class agenda, contents and schedule, are subject to change.

Substitutions are accepted at any time. If you cannot attend a class you signed up for, let us know as soon as possible, and we can usually put you in one of the next regularly scheduled classes for no fee! There are no refunds. Our instructors spend endless hours preparing to give you the quality training you deserve and do this whether you attend or not.

Al Donte reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event if there are insufficient registrations or if presenters are unable to attend due to illness. If circumstances require, presenters may be substituted for alternative qualified presenters with equivalent experience.

Please be advised that events can be subject to changes in date and/or venue due to acts out of our control such as bad weather, civil unrest, etc. Al Donte will not be responsible for incurred costs in the event that we need to make changes due to circumstances beyond our control.

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