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Al Donte Consulting is a small, veteran-owned (VOSB) technology training, coaching, and consulting firm located in Omaha, Nebraska with experience solving some of the largest and most difficult business challenges across its segments of government and commercial organizations.  Our approach addresses people, processes, technology, and strategy holistically. We drive sustainable change by fostering adoption of new practices through cultural transformation. Al Donte’s experienced consultants are thought leaders who pioneer cutting-edge solutions. With expertise honed in high-stakes environments, our team adapts nimbly to dynamic situations. We deliver innovative, future-proof solutions that integrate people, processes, and technology to propel client success. Whether serving federal, state, or commercial clients, we partner to implement meaningful organizational change.

Al Donte Consulting empowers executive management and senior leadership to drive large-scale initiatives through tailored agile practices. Our services span training to consulting, equipping clients with skills in Agile Governance, Kanban, Scrum, Design Thinking, CI/CD, DevSecOps, AI Innovation, and Release Planning. Whether for individual professional development, enterprise-level transformation, or federal/municipal organizational needs, we enhance planning capabilities, institute robust governance frameworks, and facilitate realistic estimations/forecasting. By injecting agility into monitoring and execution, Al Donte Consulting enables more effective oversight and delivery of complex, high-stakes efforts across industries and domains.
30 Combined Years of Experience

Agile Training

We offer a comprehensive range of training programs to upskill professionals across diverse methodologies spanning Kanban, Agile, and Release Planning. Our immersive training empowers individuals to drive organizational transformation through mastery of cutting-edge approaches. Whether seeking personal growth or catalyzing enterprise-level excellence, our multi-disciplinary curriculum cultivates the crucial capabilities to spearhead innovation and deliver tangible business impact.

Software Development

We architect incremental, tailored software solutions to meet unique business needs. Our expertise spans migrating legacy applications to modern platforms. We excel in rescuing failing projects on the brink, leveraging our technical prowess to course-correct and deliver on original objectives.
Whether greenfield development or critical course adjustments, our end-to-end software engineering services ensure optimal performance, scalability, and alignment with evolving market demands.


At Al Donte Consulting, our experts are pioneers who helped shape the DevOps movement itself, authoring foundational tools that sparked this transformative approach.
"Teams that embrace DevOps principles deployed by Al Donte Consulting accelerate innovation cycles, minimize disruptions, and amplify operational resilience."

Predictive Analytics

Al Donte Consulting offers an extensive array of services that empower organizations to harness the potential of data, leading to actionable insights and enhancing informed business decision-making. Predictive analytics involves the examination of historical and present data to forecast future patterns and occurrences.


Al Donte Consulting seamlessly bridges the gap between agility and efficiency with our cutting-edge integration tools for Jira and Azure DevOps (ADO). Elevate your project management and collaboration to new heights, ensuring smooth workflows and enhanced productivity. Trust us to empower your team with the connectivity and insights needed to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

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