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Team-Level Kanban
1 Day

This training course provides a comprehensive understanding of the Kanban agile process. In particular, it will explain what problems Kanban solves, how Kanban teams are organized and managed, and how the work is captured, managed, and tracked. It will review how releases are planned and tracked and review the key metrics used to evaluate the progress of Kanban teams. 



Certified Team Kanban Practitioner
1 Day

Getting Started with Visualization and Limiting Work-in-progress is a highly interactive one-day entry-level course accredited by the Lean-Kanban University (LKU) that focuses on implementing Kanban at the Team Level. Participants will gain sufficient knowledge about the Kanban Method and related topics to get started by introducing Kanban in the existing process and taking that first step to making it successful.


Kanban System Design (KSD)

2 Days

Learn the alternative path to agility with certified kanban classes. Use Kanban to manage any process: human resources, sales, underwriting, corporate strategy, IT operations, and software development. Understand how Kanban systems can be used to visualize and manage delivery flow and drive continuous improvement.


Kanban System Improvement (KSI)

2 Days

Kanban Systems Improvement is a 2-day advanced level course that will help participants build on their existing knowledge of Kanban Method and will help them take their current Kanban implementation to the next level. Building on KMPI, the KMPII course focuses on broadening beyond a single-team focus to upstream/customer Kanban and deepening to scale to the value-stream and strategy level. We take a deeper dive into Kanban adoption challenges, dependencies, and identifying and removing delays. Attendees of both KMPI and KMPII receive a Kanban Management Professional certification.


With the goal of always delivering the most current and relevant content, please note that the class agenda, contents and schedule, are subject to change.

Substitutions are accepted at any time. If you cannot attend a class you signed up for, let us know as soon as possible, and we can usually put you in one of the next regularly scheduled classes for no fee! There are no refunds. Our instructors spend endless hours preparing to give you the quality training you deserve and do this whether you attend or not.

Al Donte reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event if there are insufficient registrations or if presenters are unable to attend due to illness. If circumstances require, presenters may be substituted for alternative qualified presenters with equivalent experience.

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